Here is the part of my shoe collection.

A lot of these shoes and boots are damaged.

Usually the heels are worn out or the leather is scuffed or stretched out from being worn in water. You'll see me wearing a lot of them on my website as I always wear my own shoes to photo shoots where lot of the damage happens. They are often in the woods, on the beach, etc. and either my shoes get wet on the shoot or get damaged walking there.

Though I only want to sell the damaged and worn shoes but if you do want a pair of the shiny new ones I still wear, just ask. If you buy a pair which I have modeled I can email you some of the photos too. xoxo Alexis

Adobe Bridge
I'll start at the bottom left. These are red Dolce & Gabbana eel skin pumps. They are well worn but I still wear them daily. Next to them are two pairs of patent leather pumps. One by Stuart Weitzman and the other by Charles David. They have both been worn to death and worn through water and as you can see the toes are crinkled and I don't really wear them any more. Next are a pair of Manolo Blahnik leather pumps. These were my favorite and I wore them so much I had to bring them to the shoe repair shop several times to replace the heel tips. When the soles wore out they were replaced by rubber soles. I didn't know the shoe repair shop would do that. Next is a pair of black Michael Kors pumps which are also very well worn. As you can see, the leather is salt stained and there's still some sand stuck in them. I ended up walking on the beach in them so the leather is pretty damaged and dull. Next is another pair of black Michael Kors pumps which is in slightly better condition. The leather is shinier than the other pair partly because they started out that way and also I assume because they haven't been soaked in ocean water. The heel tips are damaged though so I would have to get them repaired to keep wearing them. Next is a pair of St. John black pumps. I also wore these a lot so they look pretty old. I've worn them to parties a lot where they've been stepped on and gotten drinks spilled in them and I've also worn them through mud and other inappropriate terrain for high heels. Next are the silver Charles David pumps which have also been worn extensively partying and look really old now. Next is a pair of Kenneth Cole pumps. These have a lower heel than the others. Maybe 3 inches. They're comfortable so I wear them instead of sneakers. Although they look pretty worn out I still wear them all the time so not really looking to sell them. Next are a pair of Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps. I've worn these a lot going clubbing and also everywhere else so I've gotten caught in the rain in them and they just don't look the same any more. Next is another pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. These are soft leather rather than patent. I just got these and wear them a lot these days so not looking to sell them. The retail price is about $600. Next is a pair of blue Manolo Blahnik patent leather slingbacks. I wear these a lot during the day. I wear them to work, going shopping, etc. Since I've worn them so much they are starting to look worn and they have a few nicks in the patent leather but I still wear them daily. Next is a pair of beige Chistian Dior patent leather pumps. Though these have a really tall heel they're pretty comfortable and I still wear them a lot. The retail price is about $600. Next is a pair of white Stuart Weitzman leather pumps. These are surprisingly still in pretty good shape considering I wear them as daily shoes and they are white. Usually my white shoes look like the next two pairs after I wear them a few times. I still wear these daily. The next pair of white pumps is by Charles David. These are very worn out and damaged. Not only did I wear them daily, then I wore them one rainy day and ended up walking through the mud. The mud stained the leather and never did come back out. Next is a pair of white leather pumps by Aldo. Pretty much the same story as the last pair. First they were party shoes. Then they were rain shoes. Now they're really old looking.