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2017-07-24 (6 photos) 
Zara suede heels. Brand new and very delicate....
2017-07-17 (6 photos) 
I woke up one morning with mud on my Zara booties. I was out drinking and don't even know how it happened. I never bothered cleaning them. I just wear them like this. The mud will come off sooner or later....
2017-07-10 (18 photos) 
My ultra high heeled ultra sexy Gianmarco Lorenzi boots. I'm so careful with these. I only wear them out dancing. Notice the scuffs. Trouble with these ultra long pointy toes. In a crowded room people keep stepping on them. Next person who steps on these is going to get their shoe spiked with the sharp heel....
2017-07-03 (9 photos) 
Believe it or not, these boots got like this from walking my dog. The white stuff coating the heels is clay. It was wet when I walked through it and my heels sunk right in. I don't know how the heel coverings got so damaged....
2017-05-01 (11 photos from the archives) 
My Ralph Lauren sandals. I wear them a lot due to the hot weather around here. They are starting to show some wear but I think the platform is protecting them from getting ruined as quickly as my more delicate shoes....
2017-04-24 (12 photos from the archives) 
Some of you may remember my shiny new Charles David boots when I first got them several years ago. After they got all beat up from the rough terrain around my home, they sat in my closet like a lot of my delicate dress boots which have gotten ruined around here. I just happened to notice them to day....
2017-04-10 (14 photos from the archives) 
These are my new Christian Louboutin Decollete pumps. I've only worn them a few times but due to the rough terrain around my home they are already showing a lot of wear. The red soles aren't even red any more. Today they went through a dirt lot to get to the restaurant for lunch....
2017-04-03 (10 photos from the archives) 
These are my old Charles David boots. They were already several years old when I moved to an undeveloped area so I wore them through all sorts of rough terrain. Looks like I haven't cleaned them lately either....
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