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2017-10-09 (6 photos) 
Charles David shoes worn once....
2017-10-02 (5 photos) 
Charles David patent leather pumps with scuffs...
2017-09-11 (14 photos) 
High heels worn clubbing....
2017-09-04 (5 photos) 
Black Stuart Weitman Fever...
2017-07-03 (9 photos from the archives) 
Believe it or not, these boots got like this from walking my dog. The white stuff coating the heels is clay. It was wet when I walked through it and my heels sunk right in. I don't know how the heel coverings got so damaged....
2017-06-26 (8 photos from the archives) 
Manolo blue suede shoes. I haven't worn these many times. They stain very easily. Inside and out. See my toe prints?...
2017-06-19 (7 photos from the archives) 
These boots are somewhat stylish yet rugged and cheap. Very useful for rough terrain. From a distance they look fine. Close up you can tell how dirty they are. There's no reason to clean these....
2017-06-12 (9 photos from the archives) 
My Dior boot heels are badly damaged because someone's gravel driveway. I decided to take revenge on the responsible party's Lucchese cowboy boots. The sharp heels with missing heel tips turned out to be very useful in this Dior vs Lucchese match. Lucchese loses. ...