used michael kors shoes These Michael Kors black pumps have been worn a lot. I wore them to work for a long time and sometimes I left them at the office under my desk and so I would have a change of shoes. They've been to the shoe repair shop many times to be re-heeled and shined. As you can see the leather just looks worn out and wrinkled now. And toe marks are starting to show inside and out which is how you can tell these shoes have had it. Also the heels are worn out again so I'm selling them for $100 so I don't have to get them re-heeled again.









michael kors worn shoesThis pair, although are also Michael Kors pumps, don't look so much like expensive designer shoes when you wear them. They've been worn a lot more than the pair above and you can tell. They look very well worn, there are toe prints inside and the leather is stretched to the shape of my feet. What really damaged these shoes is when I took a walk on the beach while wearing them. I took them off at first so they wouldn't get ruined but there was sharp coral on the beach which was hurting my feet so I had to put them back on. The sharp coral really tore up the heels. Then I walked too close to the shore line and a wave came up further than I expected and they were soaked. The stains from the salt water are still in the leather and as you can see from the picture I was never able to get all the sand out so they hurt my feet when I wear them. They're for sale for $100.