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manolo blahnik shoes usedThese ladies shoes, Manolo Blahnik black leather pumps, are very well worn and distressed looking. They were my favorite shoes and I used to wear them daily. First to dinners and nightclubs then to work then when they started looking worn I wore them as daily casual shoes. They've been to the shoe repair shop many times to be re-heeled and repaired. Somehow the shoe repair shop was able to repair all the scuffs and tears in the leather heel coverings. Once the soles were worn out so the shoe repair shop replaced them with rubber soles which are still on them now. Even though the shoe repair shop was able to fix the scuffs and nicks in the leather these shoes still look very worn out how. The leather is dull and crinkled. These shoes have stretched out probably because I've worn them in the rain and you can see toe marks inside and out. These shoes are for sale for $200. Much better than buying discount shoes and cheap shoes online.




manolo blahnik sling backs usedThis pair of blue patent leather Manolo Blahnik slingbacks have also been worn a lot. They've been through almost as much as the pair of shoes above. Apparently patent leather is more durable than the soft black leather because this pair is not looking as worn out as the other. I've worn them in the rain but that doesn't seem to hurt the patent leather. What I do notice is the shoe repair shop does not fix them well when you scuff and nick them. The toe of this pair has a serious scuff in it. All the way through the blue leather.

DECEMBER 2011 - My brand new Manolos
manolo blahnik sling backs used manolo blahnik sling backs used I loved my Manolo Blahnik black leather pumps so much and they got so ruined that I had to replace them. As you can see I got exactly the same pair. Here are some photos of them brand new before they have been worn outside compared to my well worn pair. I'll update this page regularly to document the life of these shoes as they go from brand new to well worn. manolo blahnik sling backs used manolo blahnik sling backs used This will give you some idea of how well Manolos age and of course I'll let you know if any of the aging is caused by unusual abuse such as being worn in water. I'll also continue to compare them to the old pair, which will likely take more of the abuse since I'll probably be wearing the manolo blahnik sling backs used manolo blahnik sling backs used old pair on rainy days or when I go places which may be rough on the shoes. As you can see on the old pair, sometimes the shoe repair shop is the worst abuser of your designer high heels. Notice the rubber sole they used to repair these shoes. This isn't the first time that a shoe repair shop put rubber soles on a nice pair of my shoes without my permission.