charles david shoes Here's a pair of Charles David black leather pumps. Charles David shoes and boots have never lasted long for me. They seem to fall apart pretty quickly. This pair for instance look so worn and crinkled Iit looks like I wore them for decades when in fact I've only had them for less than a year. I think I got them wet once or twice and they look totally ruined. You can see even the soles inside are worn out. They look really distressed when worn so I'm selling them for $100.











charles david high heelsThis pair of Charles David shoes on the other hand looks even more well worn because they are. I wore them on a rainy day and stepped in a muddy puddle. The leather stretched out afterwards and as you can see the mud stained the white leather and I was never able to clean it out so they're for sale now for $100.












Charles David used shoesThis silver pair of Charles David pumps also didn't last too long. I wore them clubbing a lot and they looked really worn out so I could only wear them as casual shoes. There's only so much use for casual silver pumps so I'm selling them now for $100.